Our Mission

We will do everything to insure clearest translation of any information across multiple languages with a particular attention to tints of dialects and terms. Our goal is to facilitate seamless partnership between Russian companies and companies abroad.

Work Scheme

The Enquire Prize

In spring of 2010 Livestock Link company was awarded as the best one in the Companies Websites nomination of the Enquire Internet Prize.

The first award ceremony of the Enquire Internet Prize was held on May 28, 2011. After the elimination round with more than 300 participants the laureates in 9 nominations had been selected. 121 websites applied for the Best Website nomination. The expert committee unanimously selected the Livestock Link website.

The Enquire Prize is the first regional Internet Prize of the Black-Soil Area for the achievements in the fields of Internet and High Technologies.

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Translation Services

in the livestock market

Our company offers translation services from/to Russian language in the livestock market as well as advice on specifics of livestock business in Russia.

Your link to Russian livestock market!

Our Mission

We can translate any term for you
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Professional language operation

Our staff has over 10 years of experience translating and interpreting. We provide terminology correct translation from/to over 30 languages.

Perfect terminology comprehension

When it comes to livestock there are no difficult words for us. We understand special terms connected to livestock production as well as our own language.

Profound understanding

We relate to all special traits of doing livestock business in Russia. We know about hidden traps in the business from first hand experience because we always keep in contact with leading specialists in the market and find out latest livestock trends in Russia and abroad.

The combination of these components allows us to offer you high quality services and tangible benefits.



  • Written translation.

    • Foundation documents (licensing, certificates, extracts, diplomas etc.)
    • Acts of legislation
    • Judicial documents
    • Contracts and agreements
    • Warrants of attorney, certificates, licenses, associated documents
    • Instructions, tech descriptions, tech cards, reasoning
    • Scientific articles, reports, research materials and experiments
    • Financial and booking papers
    • Web site, newslines, web archives
  • Interpreting, oral translation.

    Business communications, public speeches

  • Simultaneous translation.

    Seminars, conferences, tours, sightseeing

  • Editing, proofreading of the translated texts.

  • Typing the text (foreign language) provided on different carrier/media preserving the original format.

  • Formatting of the issued text.

  • Web site content translation.

  • Filing official invitation on behalf of persons traveling to Russia.

Work Scheme


  • Competition analysis.

  • Market research: we arrange marketing research in livestock business and can provide the requested statistics.

  • Cross cultural training and personal advice: we can help you understand the livestock bussness specifics in Russia.

  • Business incubation: we help find and establish business contacts, arrange business meetings live and on-line, assistance at initial stages of business development in Russia. We can offer office facilities for business meetings.

  • Organize seminars and trainings for Russian business partner companies’ staff.

  • Assistance in agricultural expo participation in Russia as well as keeping business contacts after the events.

We know many languages

  • RussianКорова
  • EnglishCow
  • GermanKuh
  • FrenchVache
  • SpanishVaca
  • ItalianVacca
  • RomanianVaci
  • PortugueseVaca
  • DanishKo
  • SwedishKo
  • FinnishLeh
  • NorwegianKu
  • Dutchkoe
  • PolishKrowa
  • CzechKráva
  • BulgarianКрава
  • SerbianКрава
  • CroatianKrava
  • SlovakKrava
  • UkrainianКорова
  • BelorussianКарова
  • HungarianTehénnek
  • EstonianLehm
  • LithuanianKarvė
  • LatvianGovs
  • TurkishInek
  • Taiวัว
  • Farsiگاو
  • Arabianبقرة
  • Japanese
  • MongolianÏнээ
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Hebrewפרה
  • Vietnamese
— We know how to udder cow in other languages.
— Ok, show me the language list again
— Oops, I forgot how to translate cow again

1. You save time

Now you don’t need to search for professionals who are good at translating in the livestock business.

2. You save money

We offer reasonable prices and discounts

3. You save effort

We provide information exchange with a high level of understanding between the partners. We smooth cross-cultural communication, increasing your work efficiency.

+7 (950) 755-56-00
Mail to: info@linklivestock.ru
Skype: LivestockLink

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